Available Opportunities

Postdocs and PhDs, UNSW, Sydney, 2022

The postdocs and PhD(s) will work closely with Prof Salim and the stakeholders and industry partners, including Cisco, Transport for NSW, Innovation Central Sydney, and others to deliver new and breakthrough research outputs, and translate the research output towards impactful outcomes. The R&D ecosystem through Prof Salim’s Cisco chair role brings in new opportunities for novel research in human behaviour representation learning at multiple scale, given the access to high quality, high volume of multimodal spatio-temporal and mobility datasets from Australian cities, and excellent opportunities to engage with industry and communities to translate the research into real-world contexts of use. Apply for the postdoc in Machine Learning on PageUp. Available PhD Topics:

  • Representation learning of spatio-temporal and/or mobility data
  • Data-efficient learning with multimodal sensor data
  • Language models, graph models, hybrid models for time-series/spatio-temporal/mobility data
  • Edge AI / machine learning on the edge
  • Mobility data science
  • Graph embedding for spatio-temporal / POI / urban recommender systems
  • Human-centric behaviour learning with AI+IoT/wearables for applications in the future of transport/mobility and the associated areas